About Us

“Ether began with a simple vision: To create extraordinary, temporary spaces for travelers to stay away from home that were customized by design, locally-rooted, and empowered by technology, but that also solved an important economic and social problem.”

Meggen Taylor & Peter Lane Taylor
Ether Co-Founders

What’s In A Name?

Technically, ‘ether’ is the space between things. To us, it represents the power of untapped potential.

In 2016, as housing values returned to pre-Recession levels, and the short-term “AirBnB’ rental economy exploded, we began to see an unsustainable backlash emerge across the residential real estate industry. In dozens of cities like Nashville, New York, and New Orleans, short-term rental investors and co-living startups were artificially distorting real estate markets, inflating prices based on outsized investor valuations, and driving long-term residents and businesses out of local neighborhoods. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of unique and amazing residential properties for rent and sale—including apartments, condos, single-family homes, townhouses, penthouses, and lofts—sat empty.

So we asked ourselves a question: What if all those empty, underutilized spaces could be temporarily repurposed into an on-demand “pop-up” hotel that moves around—like a pop-up retail store?

More importantly, what if we offered the millions of travelers looking for more authentic experiences and local accommodations hotel style services and standards and turned them into a force for neighborhood revitalization through short-term hospitality?


Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.
Impact That Lasts

Ether is the first tech-driven, pop-up hospitality brand that unlocks the hidden capacity of the residential real estate grid and repositions untapped housing into a short-term, on-demand hotel collection.

Impact that lasts

Our professional design teams and stagers take extraordinary, empty spaces and transform them within hours into a turnkey, instantly-bookable hospitality solution like an HGTV extreme makeover show—recapturing value and re-purposing space as a service where it was previously only potential.

In the process, we provide travelers, families, and businesses a front row seat to America’s best neighborhoods with branded hotel standards at fair, transparent prices without the inflexible rules and sneaky fees.

Who would have thought that rethinking hospitality could be so simple?