Built Differently

Achieving maximum use and absorption in real estate and hospitality are more critical than ever to sustainable financial success. Ether is engineered to be an entirely new kind of occupancy partner.

Built Differently

Ether offers its real estate partners instant occupancy, guaranteed stability, and the ability to monetize the 5%-10% of inventory that’s always left over by temporarily repositioning empty, underutilized residential properties into fully-furnished, hotel-style rentals through our innovative “pop-up” hospitality model.


Built Differently

Every real estate developer, building manager, and property owner regardless of size or geography is sitting on unabsorbed capacity that’s costing them money.

It’s the dirty little secret everyone knows.

Short-Term Leases, Long-Term Stability

Most extended stay rental companies and corporate housing operators require developers and building owners to sign 3-10 year master leases to partner with them, while simultaneously reducing long-term lease values over time through fixed below market rents and negotiated concessions.

Ether’s agile, asset-light hospitality model keeps developers and property owners in control of their real estate investments, while helping them optimize occupancy and operating profits in the short-term. We sign simple, market rate leases as short as a month or as long as two years, offering property owners a strong economic partner during lease-up, when occupancy rates fluctuate seasonally, or in response to market downturns or unexpected economic events.


No Long-Term Commitments. Unless You Want One

Are you a developer, building owner, property manager, or real estate investor looking to monetize your properties and interested in test driving extended-stay apartments, corporate housing, or short-term rentals?

Built Differently

Ether offers the stability and diversity of traditional corporate housing without the long-term commitments. Learn more about leasing to us, de-risking your investment, and making more money every month by including your properties to our pop-up hotel collection.

Who says you can’t have it all?